Friday, April 30, 2010

If summer won't come, we'll make it ourselves

My family has a tradition of throwing a midwinter beach party indoors.  I grew up in snowy Logan, Utah, where winter starts to seem interminable by February, so we would get out our towels, put on our swimming suits, make a bright yellow sun out of construction paper, listen to beach music, and eat picnic food.   I always loved snow, so I didn't really understand why we would pretend we were getting sunburned and bit by sand mites, but with a little guy to entertain, I'm starting to see the logic.  When the weather is rainy and dismal for days on end, the walls start closing in on us if we don't find a way to brighten up the weather indoors.  This week, with the end of the rainy season still out of reach of the forecast, we decided to have a late spring beach party. 
A bathtub can look like a swimming pool to a little guy, right?  Jared has never been swimming in a pool before.  We both have new swimming suits that we have never tried out, so on Tuesday when it was rainy and horrible outside, we decided to break up the monotony by going swimming in the tub. 
Jared loved it!  We think he might be part fish on his dad's side.  He especially loved putting his hands under the faucet.  He takes his baths in the kitchen sink, so playing in the bathtub was a huge treat.  He didn't want to get out until he was turning blue.
On Wednesday we accepted the reality of 60 degrees outside and stayed in and dry.  While I was making Jared into the bed, a daily activity that almost always makes him laugh, I got this great picture of his teeth.
Jared started crawling forward this week! Now he is really into everything.  If he can see it, he can get it.   Video of his funny little crawl is coming soon. 


Katie said...

He is getting super cute. I love those two toofers.

supercheyenne said...

Cute swimming suit! He takes after his aunt Cheyenne.