Monday, April 26, 2010

All the sand you can eat

We continued our invented holiday celebration on Friday with a trip to the beach.  We weren't crazy enough to plan on swimming.  It was in the 70s in San Mateo, but at the beach it was a balmy 62 degrees.  We just wanted Jared to have a miniature beach experience.  After our recent experience with state parks, we decided to avoid state beaches.  We went to a public beach off of the Pacific Coast Highway north of Half Moon Bay. 

Jared was a happy boy in the sand.  He wasn't too sure about the whole ocean thing, though.

I don't blame him.  That water is COLD!  I don't think the cold bothered him as much as his feet sinking into the sand when the water came in, though.
Jared's favorite thing to do was shove sand in his mouth as fast as he could without us stopping him.  If sand eating were an Olympic sport, Jared would go for the gold.

I don't remember the beach ever being this sandy before we brought a baby here! Todd says it's a psycho mom thing, but I think these sandy feet are unbelievably cute.

Jared's latest trick is giving high fives.  He takes it almost as seriously as sand eating. 

We weren't at the beach very long before the wind started to blow and fog started to roll in.  We didn't mind our outing being cut short.  Trying to keep Jared from eating the whole beach had me worn out. 

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Jen said...

SOOOOO cute! Ezra ate a fist full of sand once...I wish I could have taken a picture of his face. You should put that family picture on your wall. You're such a cute little family!!