Monday, March 22, 2010

Some things you should know

Jared is a very expressive boy.  At seven months, he says two words meaningfully: "Mama," and "Hi!" Here are some things even the most devoted fans might not know.  When he is very happy, Jared makes this face:
Can you tell he likes to swing?
When he is sad, he almost never cries.  Instead, when he is frustrated, upset, or very tired, he purses his lips and grunts.
He also has an introspective face.  I've been trying to get a picture of the lip suck for at least a month, but the camera tends to draw him out of his reverie.
Jared loves to meet new people.  He spends all of his time at the grocery store smiling at everyone.  This gets his mom lots of extra help from store employees and other shoppers who want to enjoy his company as long as possible.  When he gets very excited he bounces up and down and flails his arms.  He does this pretty much all of the time when Daddy is around.
Jared loves baths, diaper changes, food, talking, rolling, rhymes, books, and, most of all, jumping.  He is very cuddly, but you probably guessed that.  Have I mentioned that I love everything about this happy, chubby little guy?  You probably guessed that, too.

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I want to meet him!!