Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One more reason to love our California home

This morning we went to the California Academy of Sciences with our friends Dru, Cache, Jen, and Ezra.  We spent most of our time in the aquarium, but there is a fun play area for kids under five (complete with regular educational story times), a swamp exhibit, a rain forest exhibit, a planetarium, and a natural history museum.  Jared is a little bit small to appreciate all of the hands-on children's activities, but he loved the glowing fish tanks.  This is much better than television.
There is a giant octopus, a tidepool area for touching star fish and sea urchins, and tanks full of reflective jellyfish. The jellyfish were my favorite attraction.  The academy also has an albino alligator and a tank of penguins.  Ezra and Cache were mostly interested in climbing up and down stairs, but they gave the fish a little bit of attention.
The rain forest exhibit was filled with exotic fish, birds, insects, flora, groups of unruly school children, and butterflies.  The butterflies made Cache nervous.
The heat made Ezra crabby.
We don't know how Jared would have reacted to the rain forest because before we were three steps into the hot, moist enclosure, Jared was fast asleep.
Thanks, Dru, for introducing us to this great San Francisco attraction!  This is another fun reason for our family and friends to come visit (hint, hint), and an opportunity for us to learn more about our new California home.

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