Sunday, March 28, 2010

If you were here, your Saturdays could look like this

This weekend we met my high school friend Danielle and her husband Jason in San Francisco to see some of the sights and catch up.  Danielle and Jason live in Iowa, but they are living in the bay area for a few months while Jason works on a project.  Since they haven't been in the city since they got here, we met them at Fort Point to see the fort and the Golden Gate Bridge.
Fort Point is one of my favorite attractions in San Francisco.  It has spectacular views and a lot of history, but never a huge crowd.  We had a picnic at the lone picnic table between Fort Point and the bridge which no one seems to know about.  Or else everyone else is smart enough to find a picnic site that doesn't have a freezing wind blowing every season of the year.
When we couldn't stand the cold anymore, we drove over to the beach, where we parked and walked into Golden Gate Park.  I had wanted to see the tulip garden, but I found it a little disappointing.  The garden is so small and full of whispering people on a Saturday afternoon that I felt like we had stumbled in on a private party.   However, the tulips were lovely.  Spring is so beautiful here!
We played Killer Bunnies while Jared enjoyed the grass and then napped.  We've missed having game playing friends around.  Then we went to the beach for a little while, but it is still too cold to swim, and we weren't dressed to play in the sand.  That didn't stop Jared from getting covered in sand from head to foot when we put him down for a moment!  
Thanks for hanging out, Danielle and Jason!  We had a really good time.  

Now, a moment for an all-important update on Jared's health and development: after a week of wakeful nights and over three months of teething, Jared got his first tooth!  Two teeth, actually.  We had given up on ever seeing teeth and thought he was waking up to test our patience.  We were relieved when the teeth showed up and he started sleeping soundly again.  He's growing up so fast!


RasunBaby said...
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Natchel said...

Killer Bunnies! We miss playing games with you guys. I wish we could come visit you!