Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yet another thing I thought I knew until I became a mother

I used to like to think that I was an organized, prepared person who was always ready for a crisis.  If there is anything that parenting has taught me, it is that I'm not.  Take today for example.
It was raining when I got up this morning, so I didn't expect to be able to go to my Tuesday walking group, but by 8:30 the sky was clear, so I packed up the baby and we went.  When I got to the trail by the bay, it was freezing.  The wind was blowing and clouds were starting to come up.  All of the other moms had nifty rain covers for their strollers, gloves, blankets, and hats for their babies.  I had a very cold baby in an open stroller.  I grabbed a picnic blanket from the car to wrap around Jared and proceeded to walk.  Our normal walk takes two laps around a lagoon.  I was distracted talking to the other moms, so I didn't notice the clouds building overhead until we were at the farthest point from our cars and rain started falling in buckets.  We started to sprint, but by the time we reached shelter, we may as well have taken a shortcut through the lagoon.  I had pulled the big blanket over sleeping Jared's head and he still got a little damp.
When we got home, I went to change Jared's diaper and found that we had only two diapers left in the whole house!  That is two diapers away from a serious crisis.  Hello motherhood, goodbye organization.
  Todd had to report for jury duty in the middle of the day, so we dropped him off and went to the store.  As we left the store, armed with our salvation in the form of a jumbo pack of size three diapers, I could see that it was starting to rain again.  I didn't know how long the rain would last, so we ran for the car.  When we got to the car it was pouring.  By the time I got bags, baby, and me into the car, I was soaked.  By the time we pulled out of the parking lot, the sky was blue again.  Really, California?
The only thing that went right today was some well timed constipation that delayed a true diaper crisis.
As a parting question, how does a baby who can't crawl get himself into this position?
I swear I left the room for less than thirty seconds and came back to find him completely wedged in his closet.   He was sitting on the other side of the room happily gnawing on a toy car when I left.  

Sunday, March 28, 2010

If you were here, your Saturdays could look like this

This weekend we met my high school friend Danielle and her husband Jason in San Francisco to see some of the sights and catch up.  Danielle and Jason live in Iowa, but they are living in the bay area for a few months while Jason works on a project.  Since they haven't been in the city since they got here, we met them at Fort Point to see the fort and the Golden Gate Bridge.
Fort Point is one of my favorite attractions in San Francisco.  It has spectacular views and a lot of history, but never a huge crowd.  We had a picnic at the lone picnic table between Fort Point and the bridge which no one seems to know about.  Or else everyone else is smart enough to find a picnic site that doesn't have a freezing wind blowing every season of the year.
When we couldn't stand the cold anymore, we drove over to the beach, where we parked and walked into Golden Gate Park.  I had wanted to see the tulip garden, but I found it a little disappointing.  The garden is so small and full of whispering people on a Saturday afternoon that I felt like we had stumbled in on a private party.   However, the tulips were lovely.  Spring is so beautiful here!
We played Killer Bunnies while Jared enjoyed the grass and then napped.  We've missed having game playing friends around.  Then we went to the beach for a little while, but it is still too cold to swim, and we weren't dressed to play in the sand.  That didn't stop Jared from getting covered in sand from head to foot when we put him down for a moment!  
Thanks for hanging out, Danielle and Jason!  We had a really good time.  

Now, a moment for an all-important update on Jared's health and development: after a week of wakeful nights and over three months of teething, Jared got his first tooth!  Two teeth, actually.  We had given up on ever seeing teeth and thought he was waking up to test our patience.  We were relieved when the teeth showed up and he started sleeping soundly again.  He's growing up so fast!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Some things you should know

Jared is a very expressive boy.  At seven months, he says two words meaningfully: "Mama," and "Hi!" Here are some things even the most devoted fans might not know.  When he is very happy, Jared makes this face:
Can you tell he likes to swing?
When he is sad, he almost never cries.  Instead, when he is frustrated, upset, or very tired, he purses his lips and grunts.
He also has an introspective face.  I've been trying to get a picture of the lip suck for at least a month, but the camera tends to draw him out of his reverie.
Jared loves to meet new people.  He spends all of his time at the grocery store smiling at everyone.  This gets his mom lots of extra help from store employees and other shoppers who want to enjoy his company as long as possible.  When he gets very excited he bounces up and down and flails his arms.  He does this pretty much all of the time when Daddy is around.
Jared loves baths, diaper changes, food, talking, rolling, rhymes, books, and, most of all, jumping.  He is very cuddly, but you probably guessed that.  Have I mentioned that I love everything about this happy, chubby little guy?  You probably guessed that, too.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Jared and I just got back from visiting Jared's grandparents in Tucson, Arizona.  Todd had to stay home and work, but the grandparents were missing their baby, so we flew out for a week.  March is the perfect time to visit Arizona.  We spent lots of time outside enjoying the warm, windy weather.  Cousin Rachel was excited to help take care of baby Jared.
She played peek-a-boo with him, pushed his stroller, watched his diaper changes with fascination, and was very patient when he grabbed handfuls of her hair.
Jared had fun feeding ducks with Grandma. . .
. . . Playing at home with Grandpa. . .
. . .  Swinging with Landon. . .
. . . Sitting in the grass for the first time. . .
. . . And going to the zoo, the park, and hiking with Grandma, Colette, and Rachel.
Uncle Jake was still recovering from his surgery, so he couldn't hold Jared.  Sadly, this means that no pictures were taken.   Jared also got to see his other "uncles," his dad's best pals Bud and Dan.
Congratulations on the great new studio (new to us anyway), Bud! Thanks for showing us around.  
I think Grandma and Grandpa Knight invited us to come in March so we would forget how miserable and hot it gets in Tucson for two thirds of the year, and make us want to come back.  We are glad we got to come visit family and friends who we miss, but we are happy to be back home with Todd.  We hope you are all planning your trips to come visit us! 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Summer in March!

This week Jared and I have been visiting his grandparents in Tucson.  We are so busy with grandparents, cousins, and friends, that there isn't a lot of time to post all of the pictures we're taking.  We will be posting some trip highlights when we get home.  In the mean time, here is a sneak preview of our favorite little boy in the desert.
Happy sunny, dry 82 degrees, everyone!  I can't wait for summer to get to the bay area.  I've missed those little toes.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One more reason to love our California home

This morning we went to the California Academy of Sciences with our friends Dru, Cache, Jen, and Ezra.  We spent most of our time in the aquarium, but there is a fun play area for kids under five (complete with regular educational story times), a swamp exhibit, a rain forest exhibit, a planetarium, and a natural history museum.  Jared is a little bit small to appreciate all of the hands-on children's activities, but he loved the glowing fish tanks.  This is much better than television.
There is a giant octopus, a tidepool area for touching star fish and sea urchins, and tanks full of reflective jellyfish. The jellyfish were my favorite attraction.  The academy also has an albino alligator and a tank of penguins.  Ezra and Cache were mostly interested in climbing up and down stairs, but they gave the fish a little bit of attention.
The rain forest exhibit was filled with exotic fish, birds, insects, flora, groups of unruly school children, and butterflies.  The butterflies made Cache nervous.
The heat made Ezra crabby.
We don't know how Jared would have reacted to the rain forest because before we were three steps into the hot, moist enclosure, Jared was fast asleep.
Thanks, Dru, for introducing us to this great San Francisco attraction!  This is another fun reason for our family and friends to come visit (hint, hint), and an opportunity for us to learn more about our new California home.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rain, rain, go away!

Jared thought the day started today at 4:30 a.m.  Since that time, he has taken one nap for a grand total of 20 minutes of sleep.  I was hoping that today would be sunny and beautiful because it is easy to entertain a little boy in the park, but no such luck.  Today is a dreary, dismal, rainy March Tuesday.  Fortunately for me, there are two things that have never failed to keep Jared occupied.  Well, three, but I can't feed him bananas and squash all day, right? What toy could keep a six month old occupied for more than five minutes at a time?  No toy has ever equaled the appeal of mom's keys. . .
. . . nor the endless possibilities of a piece of junk mail.

Weather.com says that all of our readers are experiencing a dark, overcast day.  That includes our devoted fans in sunny Tucson and our mystery readers in Iowa.  Even though the clouds are dense and we're stuck inside, there has been plenty of sunshine.  Here's a little bit to go around. 
Jared has been sleeping for the entire ten minutes it took me to compose this post.  Miracles do happen!  Maybe there will be sun tomorrow.