Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spring has sprung, the grass is ris

Spring is upon us here in California.  That means the trees are in bloom, the sky is gray, and the Knights are in the park! We were planning to go to Golden Gate Park today to see the tulips blooming, but there was a tsunami warning, and the tulips are in the west side of the park (yards from the ocean).  Instead we went to San Mateo's Central park, where Jared swung in a swing for the first time.  We aren't sure if he noticed.  He was too busy checking out the kids on the other swings.
He also enjoyed making faces at Daddy.
Oh, well.  We'll make a swinging baby out of him yet.  We had better luck with the slide.  Jared went down five times without getting mad once.  He's so nice to humor us.
Mom and Dad were having so much fun that nap time was upon us before we knew it.
Maybe next week we can see the tulips, if it isn't raining.  Happy blustery San Francisco March!

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