Friday, February 19, 2010

No hair? No problem!

A couple of weeks ago, Jared and I were walking down the hall at church when a three year old walking with her mom behind us said, "Mom! Mom! That baby has NO HAIR!" Three year olds are very good at pointing out the obvious.  Her mom acted embarrassed and shushed her, but I'm not sensitive about it.  It's true.  Jared is now six months old and counting and he still has no hair and no teeth.  Okay, he has a little bit of hair, but it's a very little bit, and it's the same color as his scalp. 

Here's a problem I bet you moms with hairy babies have never encountered: When Jared falls asleep in my arms, he sometimes wakes up when I put him down because his head is stuck to my arm.  

In all seriousness, I think that Jared's baldness is incredibly endearing.  Sometimes I jokingly tell him that it's time to start growing some hair, or point out other babies with lots of hair as an example for him, but there are lots of advantages to hairlessness.  My favorite is the fact that his head is so low maintenance.  I just wash it with a washcloth in the bath along with the rest of him.  No hair means no brushing, no cutting, no special baby shampoos, and no hat hair.  

Jared is very rarely mistaken for a girl (I can see how this could be a disadvantage for bald girl babies).  
When my Uncle Fred came to visit a few weeks ago, he rubbed Jared's head.  He said it felt exactly like a ripe peach.  Could anything be more cuddly and adorable than a baby resembling a ripe peach?
At story time last week, I saw a little boy wearing a t-shirt that said, "No hair? No problem!"  That is exactly how we feel.  Don't worry about offending us, folks.  Who needs hair when you look this good without it?

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