Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Holiday Weekend!

This weekend, we decided to celebrate Valentine's day, President's day, and our tax return by buying a new toy: a backpack carrier for our growing boy.  Jared is too big to ride comfortably in his front carrier anymore, so it was time for us to upgrade. We decided on the Phil and Ted's Escape, which weighs less than 4.5 lbs when it is empty. So far we really like it. We took it first on a jaunt around the neighborhood.  Jared's eyes were the size of saucers the whole time.
Today we took it on a longer hike on the Purisima Creek Trail. Apparently Jared's new ride is very comfortable. He spent almost two hours of our three hours on the trail like this. . .
. . . and this. . .
. . . and this.
It was a beautiful day to be in the wilderness.  We hiked on this trail in November, but it was much warmer this time.   We are in much better shape.  I think we hiked twice as far this time, and I didn't even get winded until I tried to keep up with Todd's speed hiking.  Everything was green and damp and lovely.
After our hike we had a picnic.  Jared was really happy to get out of the carrier by then, even if he isn't showing it.  
We love days when Todd gets to stay home and play with us.  Happy holidays!

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Colette Campbell said...

Look at that! Sitting up all by himself. On a table?! Is that safe? ;) He's getting cuter, I think. You're going to have to give him a stick to beat the girls off for his 1-yr birthday.