Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Knights before Christmas

We took an extra long trip this year so that Jared could meet a lot of his relatives.  We spent the first stretch of our trip in Utah, where Jared met my Gs, his Great Gs. . .

Aunt Annika and Uncle Ryan. . .

Aunt Faith. . .

And Great-uncle Paul.

Jared also got to meet his Uncle Andrew for a few minutes, but we didn't get a picture. :( Jared was the center of attention in every gathering, which he loved a little too much.  It's good that he has a cousin on the way.  We don't want him spoiled.
We had a great time visiting family, doing last minute shopping, admiring Cheyenne's hard-to-see baby bump, trying not to have to go out in the cold, opening presents, eating way too much cheeseball, and shooting Andrew's homemade potato cannons.  Seth, for the millionth time, put a coat on!  It's 20 degrees outside!

Thanks again to Jordanne, Danielle, and family for letting us stay when plans changed last minute!

Many of the Christmas festivities were lost on Jared, who mostly just loved all of the attention.  He did go out of his way to have his loudest burp ever in the quietest part of a church meeting.  The best part of Jared's time in Utah was spent on Grandma Jill's lap, teaching her how to read.

We love you Utah family (and New York and Georgia family)! We can't wait to see you all again.

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Natchel said...

Oh I love this baby! He is so cute! Glad you had a great Christmas! We miss you guys!