Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm dreaming of a sunny, Arizonan desert Christmas

Our camera cord finally showed up in the mail (thanks Grandpa!), so the big moment has arrived.  You get to see our pictures from Arizona!  We had a nice, relaxing Christmas with our Arizona family.  Jared finally got to meet his cousin Rachel, Uncle Jake, and Aunt Colette. Here we all are, plus Grandma Knight, a dead saguaro cactus, and a lot of Todd's beloved Arizona sky on our very short hike.

 We played games, ate too much, finished a puzzle, and played at the park.  Rachel likes the slide a lot. . .

Jared did not.

It was really fun to see how Rachel has grown up in the six months since we moved away.  Everything she said was incredibly cute, from her Dora the Explorer quotes ("No swiping!") to calling coke "Grandpa juice."  For more pictures of Jared and Rachel, check out Colette's blog. She posted a lot of our Christmas morning pictures. We didn't take that many pictures on Christmas because Todd is our photographer and he got paged to work Christmas morning. 

We also had a chance to catch up with friends in Tucson, which meant meeting two new babies! First we went to see Dan and Katie's new house and meet Landon, who is one day older than Jared. 

Landon immediately tried to maul a sleepy Jared.  That's how we know they will be best friends. Here are the two U of A babies on Katie's lap.

Jared getting comfortable on Karen's lap.

We also got to see our friends Cambell and Rebecca and their baby, Grant, who is a month older than Jared and Landon.  We got all the babies together for some overwhelming cuteness.  Can you tell which baby is Jared?  I'll give you a hint. Other people have babies with hair.

Seeing everyone again just made us miss you more.  Come visit anytime, friends and family!