Thursday, January 28, 2010

I got toes, you got toes. . .

Jared loves to touch his toes all day long.
First thing in the morning. . .
During his diaper changes. . .
. . . And while he plays.

He does something new every day.  It is so fun to be a mom!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

If you're happy and you know it, wiggle your arms and legs as fast as you can

Despite the somber pictures of Jared we've been posting lately, Jared is really a very happy little boy.  We usually post his more serious pictures because when he is happy, he wiggles, which doesn't make very good pictures.  As proof that Jared spends most of his time smiling, I am going to post a short history of his smiles, starting with the first picture I ever got of him smiling.  This was taken at 4:00 a.m. one day when he was about a month old. 

Here is Jared in his favorite place: his jumper.  It's even harder to get a picture here because, when he is happy, he flails his arms and jumps with gusto.  If he looks a little less happy than usual, it's because I can't ever manage to time the shutter click for the fraction of a second after he starts to smile and before he starts to jump wildly. 

 This is Jared yesterday.  If you have a good imagination, you can kind of see his wisp of hair.

This one was taken today.  Jared is happy here because he just got out of his car seat, which is starting to be a little too snug.

If these weren't enough to get you smiling, here's a smile for the rest of you.  This is apparently what happens when Daddy changes baby's clothes unsupervised. 

 I hope this brings a little sunshine to your dismal, rainy January Tuesday.  It always improves my day.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm dreaming of a sunny, Arizonan desert Christmas

Our camera cord finally showed up in the mail (thanks Grandpa!), so the big moment has arrived.  You get to see our pictures from Arizona!  We had a nice, relaxing Christmas with our Arizona family.  Jared finally got to meet his cousin Rachel, Uncle Jake, and Aunt Colette. Here we all are, plus Grandma Knight, a dead saguaro cactus, and a lot of Todd's beloved Arizona sky on our very short hike.

 We played games, ate too much, finished a puzzle, and played at the park.  Rachel likes the slide a lot. . .

Jared did not.

It was really fun to see how Rachel has grown up in the six months since we moved away.  Everything she said was incredibly cute, from her Dora the Explorer quotes ("No swiping!") to calling coke "Grandpa juice."  For more pictures of Jared and Rachel, check out Colette's blog. She posted a lot of our Christmas morning pictures. We didn't take that many pictures on Christmas because Todd is our photographer and he got paged to work Christmas morning. 

We also had a chance to catch up with friends in Tucson, which meant meeting two new babies! First we went to see Dan and Katie's new house and meet Landon, who is one day older than Jared. 

Landon immediately tried to maul a sleepy Jared.  That's how we know they will be best friends. Here are the two U of A babies on Katie's lap.

Jared getting comfortable on Karen's lap.

We also got to see our friends Cambell and Rebecca and their baby, Grant, who is a month older than Jared and Landon.  We got all the babies together for some overwhelming cuteness.  Can you tell which baby is Jared?  I'll give you a hint. Other people have babies with hair.

Seeing everyone again just made us miss you more.  Come visit anytime, friends and family!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Do a barrel roll!

Jared rolled over! We've been waiting for his big moving debut for weeks, and this week he finally did it! He didn't just roll once or twice to make us feel better, either. Once he discovered that he can move, he started rolling all the time.

Jared also started laughing.  He used to laugh occasionally, but only when he was tired or anxious, and his giggles would usually turn into cries.  Since we got home from our holiday trip, he has started laughing at everything.  So here, for your viewing pleasure, is Jared's emerging personality.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Little Bit of California Sunshine

We haven't been able to post all of our Christmas pictures yet because we left our camera cord in Arizona, but stay tuned for some pictures of a bunch of really cute babies.  In the mean time, we've been getting complaints from Jared's adoring fans that we've been neglecting our blog, so here's a little something to tie you over.
We are planning a backpacking/camping trip for this summer, so we decided that we needed to start training.  It's still January, but in beautiful, sunny California, that doesn't stop us from being outside.  We were afraid it was going to be really cold, since we froze when we went hiking in November, but it turned out to be a gorgeous day.

Look at all that green!  You can compare these to our Arizona hiking pictures to see why we are still amazed.  Despite a mild cold, Jared was a hiking champ.  Todd and I have some work to do to get in shape before our trip this summer.  Todd tracked our elevation changes on the second half of the hike using tracks on his android phone.  You can see our elevation change over distance in the graph.  It felt pretty grueling to us.

We hiked for three hours, including a half hour meal break for Jared.

This is how tired we all were at the end, but only Jared had the luxury of being carried.

We finished our hike just before sunset.  The views were pretty spectacular.  There are a lot of things not to like about living in California, but we have the great outdoors all year round to remind us why we love it.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Knights before Christmas

We took an extra long trip this year so that Jared could meet a lot of his relatives.  We spent the first stretch of our trip in Utah, where Jared met my Gs, his Great Gs. . .

Aunt Annika and Uncle Ryan. . .

Aunt Faith. . .

And Great-uncle Paul.

Jared also got to meet his Uncle Andrew for a few minutes, but we didn't get a picture. :( Jared was the center of attention in every gathering, which he loved a little too much.  It's good that he has a cousin on the way.  We don't want him spoiled.
We had a great time visiting family, doing last minute shopping, admiring Cheyenne's hard-to-see baby bump, trying not to have to go out in the cold, opening presents, eating way too much cheeseball, and shooting Andrew's homemade potato cannons.  Seth, for the millionth time, put a coat on!  It's 20 degrees outside!

Thanks again to Jordanne, Danielle, and family for letting us stay when plans changed last minute!

Many of the Christmas festivities were lost on Jared, who mostly just loved all of the attention.  He did go out of his way to have his loudest burp ever in the quietest part of a church meeting.  The best part of Jared's time in Utah was spent on Grandma Jill's lap, teaching her how to read.

We love you Utah family (and New York and Georgia family)! We can't wait to see you all again.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Resolution

Weeeeeeeeeee!  The end of 2009 has come and I get to look back at my new year's resolutions from last year and gauge how successful I have been at meeting my own expectations.  So lets take a look and see what level of depressions I have earned myself this year.
  1. Learn how to play 5 hymns on the piano.  (I learned the melody to part of "Come Come Ye Saints... ... I would consider that a success!)
  2. I think there was one that had something to do with swimming (or maybe biking)...
  3. I don't quite remember any of my other many well intentioned and high reaching goals...
So Savannah tried to tell me that I failed miserably, especially since I can't remember most of them.  I guess I can kind of see her side.

So this year I am going to do things completely different.  I am going to share a few of my new years resolutions for 2010 here so everyone can see it.  In the comments here on this blog (not on facebook, but on this blog) you can claim one of my resolutions, and then at the end of the year, if Savannah has determined that I have not met the resolution that you claimed in the comments, I will give you $100.  Now only one person can claim any single resolution, so once one is claimed, you have to pick another one until there are no more left.
  1. Release 3 websites (I'll announce them as they are released here on our blog)
  2. Release an Android/IPhone program on either the android market or the app store
  3. Read The Book of Mormon from front to back before the end of April (to be paid out in May if I fail)
  4. Learn how to Surf
  5. Take at 3+ night campout with Jared
  6. Go out of my way to do additional exercise at least twice a week, with exceptions when traveling or in other exceptional situations
  7. (Bonus Universe Imploding Goal!) Give at least one person $100 for failing one of my goals
 If I succeed in meeting all my goals (which, hopefully, I will) then we will all rejoice together!  But if in 365 days Savannah decides that I failed at the goal you chose, I will mail you a check for $100.  This should be good motivation for me to meet my goals, but who knows, maybe next year I will be $600 poorer.