Thursday, December 17, 2009

Goodbye California!

I know you are all tired of me gushing about what a great dad Todd is, but honestly, are these two not extraordinarily cute together?

Today was our last full day in California before our Great Christmas Adventure, so Jared and I met Todd downtown for some last minute shopping at my new favorite toy store, Talbot's.  They have every amazing toy you could think of.  I want to stay there and play all day, and then I want to bring home the crazy cool doll houses to play some more.  It doesn't hurt that Talbot's is two store fronts away from Yogurtouille, the place that made Todd like frozen yogurt, even though it's low fat.  I felt very urbane and cool browsing in a trendy toy store a week before Christmas, being on a lunch date, and pushing my very hip stroller.  It almost made me like shopping.

This is Todd's "I'm so embarrassed to be seen with this woman" face.  Now that Todd isn't being publicly humiliated by me, he claims that it's his "Holy crap! There's a giant bear in the store!" face, and he's looking down because you aren't supposed to look a bear in the eye.  But we know better.

As much as we are learning to love our new California home, we are REALLY excited to start our trip tomorrow!  One week until Christmas!

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Natchel said...

Oh man I love Yogurtouille! So good. During the summers, my mom would have us work on big work books and for every 50 pages we would complete, my mom would take us to Talbot's to pick out a Beanie Baby. It is a great store!