Thursday, November 5, 2009

More from your favorite li'l punkin

I know this is a little late, but this is our Halloween post. I thought it would be cute to put Jared in a pumpkin. He did not think it would be cute. Most of our pictures did not turn out due to his squirming, but it's hard for Jared not to be cute, even when he's mad.

Look how huge his cheeks have gotten!
We decided to try something new and roast our pumpkin seeds. It was super easy and they were really delicious. We especially liked the ones we roasted with garlic and salt. We aren't normally big fans of Halloween, but Todd wishes that pumpkin carving happened more often so we could roast more seeds. I wish I could get Todd so excited about cooking more often. And here we are: The proud mama and papa of one very handsome jack o'lantern; our first together. It was named, very creatively, Jack.
Also the proud parents of one very handsome li'l punkin.


Natchel said...

Awwww CS1 cultural hall!
Ok. If you wake up one morning and your baby is missing, don't worry. I have him. I have kidnapped him. He is just to DIE for! I love those pumpkin pictures!!

Melissa Hislop said...

HA!! That pumpkin picture is so adorable, I love it. What was little Jared for Halloween?