Monday, November 9, 2009

It's tough to be a baby

As Jared gets close to his three month mark, he's reaching some important milestones. Last Wednesday (Todd's birthday) I put him on his tummy on a blanket while I cleaned the bathroom. When I came to check on him, he was picking up his head! He had picked up his head before, but never very far or for very long. Now he is picking it waaaay up, and doing it all the time! This means that he has entered what the other mommies in our play group call "the turtle phase" because he looks like a turtle peeking out from his shell. Here is a picture from last week. . .. . . and one from today.
Jared has also entered the difficult world of toys. We've been putting toys on his blanket for him for a while, but he just looked at them, or watched us play with them. Yesterday he started reaching for them. His coordination is really bad, so far. He will reach for a toy, and when he can't grab it, he gets frustrated. When he does manage to grab it, he tries to put it in his mouth (because what good is a toy that you can't taste?). When he can't get it in his mouth, he gets frustrated. If he does manage to get the toy into his mouth, he will immediately yank his hand away without realizing that he is still holding the toy, which makes him mad. It's hard to take a picture of him with his toys because, of course, this effort requires that he wiggle his whole body from the moment he spots the toy to the moment he drops it. You can see from the look on his face how hard he is concentrating. Both arms are flailing and both legs are kicking through the whole process. It's hard to watch him struggle so much without intervening, but it pays off. After an hour of this at a time he is napping better than he has in weeks. Who knew playing could be so hard?

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