Monday, September 28, 2009

The Beach!

The one really redeeming thing about living in California is our proximity to the ocean. Last Tuesday was supposed to be hot, so some friends invited me and Jared to check out tidepools at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve with them. Tuesday turned out not to be hot, so we didn't go. When Todd heard about it, he got really excited to look for starfish, so Saturday afternoon when it was hot we decided to drive the hour to the beach.
It was a really beautiful day for Jared's first trip to the beach; nice and cool. Even though we are at the end of summer, the water was like ice. We didn't find any starfish because low tide at this time of year happens in the dead of night, but we did see seals playing in the surf. A true California baby, Jared loved the beach. He stayed awake for record time in the baby carrier, allowing us to capture this picture. I love his little hat.We're excited that we discovered this place so close to home (and free). We can't wait to go back when tide is out and Jared isn't so sleepily oblivious to his surroundings.


Natchel said...

I love Moss Beach! And what do you mean only redeeming thing about California?!?! I'm so offended!
What a stud he is!!

Dan and Katie said...

Looks like fun! The beach is the one thing I would like about living in California. Jared is really cute. I think he looks a lot like both you and Todd.