Sunday, August 9, 2009

Gambling is fun!

So after hearing Savannah claim she is in labor once a night for the last 2 weeks, I decided that I should rely on the power of the mob. We started gathering people's guesses on when he is going to be born but we aren't able to get everyone for some reason or another. Please tell me when you think our child is going to be born so I know when to start listening to Savannah again.

As a point of reference, the due date is Aug. 25th, 2009 and I think he is going to be born this Saturday (the 15th) at 2:00 am. Whoever guesses right just may be able to hold the baby when they see him in person (depending on your hygiene)!!! Then you can tell all your friends on the facebox about it!


Daniel Hoefferle said...
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Daniel Hoefferle said...

I guess August 20th at 11 pm. for reals this time

T. Alan Knight said...

Dan (showing his natural caring side) originally said September 1st. Our friendship is over.