Monday, July 20, 2009

Settling In

Todd and I have been in our new home for about a month now, and we're starting to settle in and assimilate into the native lifestyle. We love the weather, our new apartment, and our new ward, but the best thing of all in our new home has been visitors! Bud dropped in during the 4th of July weekend and we went to see some of the sights of San Francisco.
The next day, Anni and Ryan showed up for a whirlwind tour of San Francisco. This is Annika enjoying redwoods. . .
Me and Anni freezing to death on the beach . . .
. . . And this one I'm posting to prove that Todd actually went out on the Golden Gate bridge, fighting his deep fear of being blown to his death by a big gust of that perpetual San Francisco wind. His t-shirt is a little bit ironic.The 4th of July is a crazy day to be in the city, but we somehow managed to find parking all day as we ran from one place to another in an effort to give Ryan, who had never been here before, the whole San Francisco experience in one day. Of course we failed miserably and didn't even make it to Chinatown, but that just means they have to come back soon! All of the rest of you should follow their example and come visit.
We hope that by the time you get here we will have a new member of the family to introduce. Keep reading and we'll keep you posted!

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